Review of:  DJI Spark Mini Drone

Type:  Mini, Ready-To-Fly, Object Sensing



Super small and sleek design looks awesome, with different colors.



Well thought out and easy to use software. Remote is very intuative.



Build quality is extremely high which is expected at this price point.



Very affordable for the quality and features. Overall expensive though.


  • Extremely small and portable
  • DJI Software is amazing
  • Easy to find accesories


  • Would be even more portable if foldable
  • No landing gear makes landing stressful
  • Controller design does not allow case on phone

Summary:  Let’s just get down to it… the DJI Spark is an amazing drone!  The size and price make it a great drone for the ambitious first time drone buyer.  It is also a great step up for those who purchase a relatively cheap starter drone and are ready to step up to a better drone.  Be aware that the Spark is not pro territory but has exceptional value for the money. The only real downsides of this drone is that it could be even more portable if it was foldable and you could adjust the controller to accommodate phones with cases on them.

Consumer drones are getting smaller and more affordable than ever.

DJI may have hit the sweet spot the majority of people with the Spark. The DJI Spark, for me, is the first drone I have owned to make its mark on me with a blend of compactness, automated features and an affordable price point.

No larger than my iPhone 8 Plus, the DJI Spark is an amazing example of how small full featured drones can get. While it might be tiny, this drone comes fully packed with technology, including obstacle detection (front and bottom only), GPS, stabilization and the ability to recognize hand gestures as flying commands.

Fly the DJI Spark like a Jedi Master!!!

Controlling a Spark with just a wave of your hand is easily the coolest thing we’ve ever done!  You can have the drone take off from the palm of your hand after it scans your face. From there you can wave your hands at it to take control of flying it like a Jedi moving objects with the force. Waving your hand commands the drone to fly up and away from you after which you can form a picture frame with your fingers to have it take a selfie.

Although Palm Control feels intuitive enough, it is also very finicky if you want to do anything beyond the basic navigation commands. You must wave at the drone in just the right way, and selfies only trigger a third of the time when we make the picture frame gesture.

Another catch of Palm Control is that you need to be within 10-feet of the drone for it to recognize your gestures. (You will run into issue if you don’t set it up right.)

When everything lines up and Palm Control does work perfectly making you feel like a Jedi. Flying a drone becomes spontaneous when you can fly it without a controller. To be honest is kind of easy but hard to see what you are doing.  I end up just getting out the remote but there are people that prefer to fly without the remote.

I did run into a few unavoidable issues due to this drone being so small.

It’s no joke that the DJI Spark is as small as my iPhone 8.  The Spark comes in a small foam box that’s no bigger than my Dre beats headphones case. The included storage box also has compartments for 2 replacement propellers one battery and controller. If you buy the fly more combo you will get more, I got the normal bundle for $399 though.

Aside from its small size, the Spark is DJI’s first drone to be offered in a variety of colors: I end up getting Alpine White but there are other colors like…… Sky Blue, Meadow Green, Lava Red and Sunrise Yellow. The splash of color is a welcome piece of personalization in a world of drones that have thus far been a mix of gray, white and black.

At the end of the day, I really enjoy the Spark!!!

I see myself using this little drone more often than my other drones. So much that I take it with me when I go out with my wife!

Here is her vision of our day out with the Spark:

“So, my husband asks me if I’d like to go out with him to fly his Spark drone at the forest preserve near our house. So I said sure why not. Well I did not realizing it had rained the night before which melted the snow.  I wasn’t wearing the proper shoes for this!! I went in tan/white colored sneakers.
BAD idea!  It was so muddy!!!

Needless to say I was not a happy wife. I complained the whole time we were walking though the mud.  Not to mention he parked far from the actually launching spot and made me walk what seemed like a mile in mud.  LOL Ugh!!!

Although it was muddy, cold, and wet everywhere, we got some good shots.  It wasn’t too windy, so he was able to fly his Spark over the icy lake.

I like the Spark.  It’s small and compact, not a lot to it. The fact that it’s small makes it a little harder to see when you fly it high in the air.  I kind thought it was a bird for a second…LOL!

Oh yeah, he owes me new sneakers!”

I really enjoy this drone and I know you would too.

Do you have a favorite first drone to recommend? Or any other advice for first time droners? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.