Jeff Grabowsky is a drone racer, entrepreneur, and ambassador for the drone community. He runs an online drone community called Saltctyracingfpv. This FPV racing group is pushing hard in the Northeastern U.S. MultiGP circuit.

We were fortunate to be able to speak to him and ask some questions about his involvement with the community and his experience with drones.  In our opinion he personifies the community aspect of the drone hobby that we all love.

APV:  Jeff, tell us a little about yourself.

Jeff:  I recently got into FPV drone racing, around December 2018.  I’m that RTF BNF kind of guy.  I came from the gaming world so for me the Taranis Xlite was a natural fit.

My buddy Salvatore Gentile, (another NYC guy!) was pushing me to get into the sport, back in 2017 …it actually took a full year for me to jump in and fully grasp the concept. 

Once I made the jump I fell in love, instantly!

I actually grew up around the slot car track world. My father assisted and helped a local track down in the Bronx. I grew up in the early 90’s racing slot cars up in Elmsford, New York!  Once I learned about FPV drone racing it was a rebirthing experience for me.

APV:  What do you love most about this hobby?

Jeff:  I love the FPV experience and how awesome the community is.  Everyone embraces you, takes you in and makes you feel instantly like a part of a loving family. It’s astonishing how helpful & willing to help this community is.  [FPV] is so technical and advanced, it’s frustrating at best. 

These guys are in the trench with you step by step!  The love it’s infectiousness!

I now want to pay it forward, and assist my community in any way I can! 

APV:  Tell Us About Your Crew.

Jeff:  [My] crew is amazing, pure raw talent, smart and caring.  It’s crazy, each guy brings in his own specialty and techniques.  It’s like building a strong foundation of one’s understanding!

Within MultiGP in the Syracuse area we have FLXfpv, ITOWNfpv, S.O.Sfpv, and CNYDrones. These four local chapters are within 60 mins of each other.  Within our chapter we have many active pilots, passing that torch to the next, cross marketing as a team, building each other up and focusing on the next group of new guys to assist!

APV:  What is your goal?

Jeff:  My goal is simple: I want to help this community grow within my area of Central New York.

I want to share this love which I have received, “pay it forward”, and help anyone who has a question. 

I want to use my current skill set and market FPV like no one has. 

Working with the Syracuse Crunch [hockey team] was a learning experience that I want to implement today within the FPV community. Having the understanding of how to run a sports franchise we decided to create saltctyracingfpv.

APV:  Tell Us about Saltctyracingfpv.

Jeff:  It’s a brain child of mine, utilizing past work related experiences to implement a strategic business marketing plan using the network which I’ve created to help promote the FPV community and Multi GP.

I’m so thankful and extremely happy that I was able to acquire a chapter here in Syracuse, New York. Using their mission and my past experience I plan on bringing the ultimate experience of FPV drone racing by creating grassroots programs to bring awareness to our amazing sport.

My main focus is going to be with the Tiny Whoop&Micro class. 

I find the price point entry level to be perfect to acquire new memberships not just for SaltCtyRacingFPV, but for all of the local chapters within my region. 

Working closely with my fellow chapter members we plan on creating a bundle of products and services to build and retain our memberships to grow our chapters all while bringing awareness to this amazing sport of FPV drone racing!  

This was all created during hours of planning and thought within my basement, “aka” The Salty Dungeon!

APV:  What kind of advice would you give to someone getting started in FPV Drones?

  1. First, sign up for an AMA membership.
  2. Second, find the closest brick & mortar hobby shop. These guys have been around for some time and they are more than happy to point you in the right directions.
  3. Next, sign up with your local MultiGP chapter.
  4. PRACTICE! Practice on a simulator. Get the hours in and focus on the basics.
  5. Finally, YouTube, definitely utilize Joshua Bardwell “”

APV:  Is there anything you know now that you wish you did when you were starting out with FPV drones?

Jeff:  That is a tough question. I was catapulted into FPV drone racing by my buddy Salvatore Gentile “ErrantWind”. I had a great aggressive teacher who pushed me in the right direction. He actually sent me his Amazon build sheet so I had the right equipment.

Make sure you save up a few pennies! This sport can drain your money if you are not disciplined. Don’t over spend, start with something small & budget friendly.

APV:  What would you say your biggest challenge has been with FPV Drones?

Jeff:  The technology side of things. My weakest area is truly understanding these aspects – the building and rebuilding, understanding why this certain aspect is not working, etc.

Thank goodness for Ken Harding, “SchwiftyFPV”. This guy is a genius. He has the ability to work it backwards, step by step, and figure out how to correct the problem. 

I literally created a NEED service because I lack in this area. This is how Mr. Ken “SchwiftyFPV” Harding comes into play, an ecosystem within another, it’s all about that support!  

We look forward to bringing you more interviews in the coming months from important figures within the drone community. You can check out our story here, “Getting Into FPV Drones: A Beginner’s Story”

For more information on Jeff’s group, check them out on here on Instagram or check out their Linktree here.