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January, 2020



Kurtis first heard about FPV from a friend.  At the time he was spending his days riding dirtbikes in the summer and snowmobiles in the winter.  He imagined FPV being something like a bunch of guys racing DJI type drones, so he brushed it off, uninterested.  Finally, after a couple months, Kurtis stumbled upon a video of Mr. Steele diving buildings and ripping all over a parking lot while Stingy drove the two of them in a car!

Instantly Kurtis was in love with FPV! 

At that moment he dropped nearly every dollar he had and purchased a bunch of gear!  Most of that gear he still uses daily after almost 2 and a half years!

Kurtis works in construction for a living. 
He has a knack for building things, which lends itself very well to the FPV hobby for obvious reasons. 
Kurtis is constantly looking for ways to modify, re-create and improve his gear. He’s on a never ending quest to make things his own by giving them some originality with his unique flare.

Kurtis shooting some Vlog footage!

So APV Drone asked Kurtis Welch a few questions! Here is our conversation…

APV: Tell us about your daily flyer.

Kurtis replied: My favorite drone that I fly daily is my ImpulseRC slammed Alien 4.5 running Kiss v1.  Motors are Ethix Silk V3’s. It still has an old [ImmersionRC] Tramp HV and an [FrSky] X4R SB. It was an ideal setup in 2017 but it works well, even now!

APV: So Kurtis, what is your favorite part of the hobby?  What do you want to share with people?

Kurtis: I want to inspire new people to get into the hobby.  But not only that, I also want to inspire people who have been in the hobby to just get out more and fly for fun! 

Everything about this hobby is fun for me from building, flying, crashing, editing; I just feel free! I would love for more people to take things a little less serious sometimes and just have fun!

Also, I try to help anyone who needs it!

When I got into this hobby I had zero prior experience.  I think I had one RC truck when I was a kid, haha!

I know how hard it is to get into the hobby without knowing anyone local to help.  Learning from videos can be difficult sometimes and there is a lot of information to sift through. I try to do whatever I can for anyone in need.  That’s not just in the hobby either!”

I want to inspire new people to get into the hobby.  But not only that, I also want to inspire people who have been in the hobby to just get out more and fly for fun!

APV: Now I see you are working on merch.  Tell us about that.

Kurtis:  “I designed all my merch by hand and also offer custom work! I want to continue to always add new designs so if you like one grab it while it lasts because I will probably end up deleting it to make room for new merch over time! 

All the money made will just go back into making content and doing giveaways for the community! Eventually I would love to have my own brand where I could design and sell products like frames and motors!

Reckless_FPV YouTube Channel

My YouTube channel is a way for me to connect with my audience and teach/inspire people to fly and build!  It originally started as a way for me to document my progress and learn from mistakes. Now I want to give back and help people get through what I had to go through learning. 

APV: Kurtis, keep up the good work that you are doing for the fpv community.  Thank you for taking the opportunity to talk to us and we hope people read this and feel inspired to push themselves like you do.

We wish Reckless_FPV greatness in this hobby and can’t wait to see your success in 2020!

We hope you enjoyed this Reckless_FPV conversation Kurtis Welch.

You can get ahold of Kurtis Welch on any of his social media platforms:

If you are on Steam you can find Kurtis on Liftoff!!!
Steam Code: 198183217

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