Ab Vevo – A Conversation With Allen Brooks


October, 2019


We recently spoke with Peoria Illinois MultiGP pilot Allen Brooks, a.k.a. AB_Vevo. He has done quite a bit for the FPV drone community. He is a U.S. Military Veteran, former motorcycle racer, and a drone racer. Allen is the leader of the Facebook group Prop Chaos. He also helps run the Peoria Illinois MultiGP pilot chapter and drone racing league. Here is what he had to say.

APV:  What is your FPV nickname?

Allen:  Prop Chaos

 APV:  Tell us a little about yourself.

Allen:  I go by AB_Vevo in our community. I was born in Illinois and raised in Florida. Growing up in a military family we sure moved around a lot. One thing that remained constant was our family’s need for speed LOL. My father always had a motorcycle (along with many other toys), and on my 16th birthday, unlike most teens, I got my first motorcycle instead of a car. Fast forward a few years and I had followed in my father’s footsteps in more ways than one. 

  1. I joined the Army as a 21e/heavy machinery operator (served six years active duty)
  2. I continued to pursue my passion for racing motorcycles

Allen (on left) finishing third at his local MultiGP!

APV:  First I want to say thank you for fighting for our country and keeping our country safe. You have a MultiGP chapter called Prop Chaos.  Tell us about that.

Allen:  Two years ago when I began my journey of FPV, and shortly after I moved here from Boston, I happened to be at a school flying multi-rotors. I had a fail-safe with my first quad, and it landed in the middle of a parking lot.

Soon a car was about to hit my quad!!

The gentlemen pulled up and rolled down his window and said: “You flying bro!??”  Weeks pass, and I make friends with the founding members Jason, Josh, and myself. Sitting around flying we came up with a name, and I created our Facebook group.

We started with eight members and within a year have over 140+. During this time of myself learning how to fly and meeting new pilots, early on, about 1 1/2 years ago, Josh and I discussed opening a MultiGP chapter.

So….we did, and in the last year we have run 15 events with five more to come just this season. The chapter itself uses MultiGP.com to allow pilots to sign up online, get channel assignments and locations of the chapter’s to find races.

At times we have ten local pilots flying and 5 out of state pilots. It’s a workday for sure starting bright and early with arriving at the location, gate assembly, then pick and timing. Then practice testing sessions to find flow before open registration, which is when pilots arrive.

Then the fun starts; racing. We have a team, and we work to have one goal….fun!

But one day two years ago I saw a video of Gab007 flying through the woods… and a piece of me lit up.

APV:  That sounds like an incredible days worth of fun.  It must be a real labor of love for you and your team.  What got you into FPV to kickstart that love for the hobby?

Allen:  Five years in the military and several years on track racing CCS Superstock class I finally made it….I got sponsored by Honda Racing in the SBK SS class.

Two seasons in I suffered a life-changing accident during our third event of the season. This, in fact, ended my military career as well, sadly. I never was able to race, yet only ride again due to my back!

But one day two years ago I saw a video of Gab007 flying through the woods… and a piece of me lit up.

Nowadays I travel for races, freestyle when I need my zen. Along with that I run the Prop Chaos Facebook group and MultiGP Chapter. When life truly brings you down, somewhere, somehow, something will give you that faith again.

FPV and flying has done just that for me!!

I am whole again when I fly!!

APV:  Wow what an incredible story.  It’s inspriring to hear stories like this.  Not only were you able to benefit from MultiGP piloting on a personal level, you were able to reach others to bring them into the hobby as well.  But aside from that, FPV racing is a difficult skill to learn. What would be your advice if anyone was just getting into FPV racing?

Allen:  When it comes to racing, just like anything else in the hobby, everything is practice, stick time & motivation! For any pilot new to the hobby looking to race, I say follow these steps.

  1. Build a designated race rig
  2. Understand your vtx, antennas and quad in general
  3. Create a MultiGP account 
  4. Find a local chapter to attend races with
  5. Show up and tell the director it’s your first race

After that, everything falls into place. The race side of the community is the most knowledgeable and friendly side in our community! Practice makes perfect! Regardless, noob or pro, come on out to one of our races. You won’t be disappointed!

For more information on Peoria Illinois MultiGP Pilot, please check out their website here

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