So I’m not going to lie I wanted to go to Popeyes when we got to Louisiana only because you know you have to have it where it came from, right!! Well my wife wasn’t having it she didn’t want to there and this place is literally next to Popeyes she decided we try this place. Man was I’m happy I took her advice, we stop at Willie’s Chicken Shack, on Canal Street in the French Quarts of New Orleans. Guys, this chicken was so finger licking good, it’s juicy on the inside, crispy and crunchy on the outside and OMG super flavorful!!!! It comes with the most amazing biscuit I’ve ever had at any chicken shack before. It has this amazing glaze over it, guys it’s just so good!!! They also got some cool NOLA art work painted on the walls and an awesome atmosphere with great music. If you’re ever in that area and look for some good chicken Willie’s Chicken Shack is a quick and cheap place to eat!!