olHere at APV Drone, we decided that we needed a new logo for our website. Something that represents us better as we evolve. 

While searching for our new logo design, we tried a less traditional route. We turned to Fivver

Fivver is a website for freelancers and entrepreneurs that offer services to people, groups, and companies all over the world. Often the services are offered on a one-time basis for a small fee.

These services range from graphic design, as was our case, to celebrity impressions to everything in-between.

The prices are just as varied, they range from a few dollars to thousands of dollars. It is a great solution for someone looking for a service but only needs a few jobs completed.


I had been introduced to Fivver by my APV Drone team member Janson

My initial hesitation was soon replaced with assurance as I found the right graphic designer for the job, a graphic artist on Fivver named Sasha_Devine.

Fivver offers ratings and reviews of all the people offering services on their website, and Sasha_Devine’s rating was nearly perfect.

Sasha_Devine was great to work with. She was quick to respond to the messages we sent her with the in-app messaging service.

Like most people on Fivver, she offers different features for different price points. 

We went with the standard package. This gives the customer two logos, a jpeg, and transparent PNG files among other things. 

We were incredibly happy with the result. In less than a week we had a professional logo that represents our website.

You can view her Fivver profile here: Sasha_Devine’s Fivver profile.

Small businesses often have small jobs that they cannot do in-house, and Fivver is helping to fulfill that need. 

People like Sasha_Devine are helping to make outsourcing work easy and affordable. We can recommend both Sasha_Devine and Fivver to anyone who needs work done. 

We may very well use Fivver in the future as we grow and need further design, also there are so many services to choose from.