A few weeks ago, I visited ZW Ranch in Antioch, IL. I went out to take some drone shots and video footage of their horses and ranch land. At ZW Ranch lessons shareboarding are offered.

Once I got to ZW Ranch, I was greeted by the owners of the ranch who were so warm and welcoming.

They gave me an amazing tour of the facility. Their ranch is about 27 acres of land with a beautiful arena and barn.

The owners told me that they offer lessons for all skill levels and also shareboarding.  They shareboard seven other owners horses on the property alongside their own eight horses.

As part of shareboarding they teach the owners how to properly take care of a horse. They also cover what equipment is needed and teach the owner how to ride.

What an amazing place to fly my drone!

After my tour I started flying my drones to get some cool footage from the air. 

The drones I used were my GoPro Karma Drone and DJI Mavic Air. 

I also finally got a chance to play around with my new ND filters for the Air.  The filter set I use is made by Neewer and include ND32 and ND64 lenses with polarized versions of each included.  Here is the Amazon link to the filter set.

I also got a few shots from the ground with my Canon T3I as well.

The horses at ZW Ranch are beautiful!

I was a little intimidated by these massive horses, but once I was at the ranch for a while the horses didn’t even care I was there.  

The horses at the ranch are so lovable and sweet. I can tell how much love the owners have for their animals and how well taken care of the they are. They are such gentle creatures. 

I love exposing new people to drones!

I let one of the owners of the ranch fly one of my drones and he got it caught in a tree! LOL!

Luckily it was a small tree so all he had to do was shake the tree to get it down.

He needs some practice so I let him borrow one of my drones for a while.


You can clearly see how much passion the owners have for their horses and farm life. It was an amazing day. I can’t wait to visit again and ride the next time I go up.

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