Review of:  Holy Stone HS700

Type:  Camera, Full Size



Not the most attractive drone. No on/off switch.



No camera control during flight is a problem



Build quality seems good with high quality components.



Very inexpensive for the quality and features included.


  • Many beginner friendly features
  • Solid build quality for the price
  • The controller included is nicely designed


  • Not able to control camera direction
  • Only way to turn off is to remove battery

Summary:  The Holy Stone HS700 is a large drone that is really easy to fly.  There are many beginner features that make this a perfect first drone for someone wanting to get started in areal photography on a small budget.  The limitations of the camera control will catch up to you quickly though.   Our favorite small budget photography drone right now.

HS700 Ophelia has an outstanding 20 minute flight time whereas most drones average just 10 to 12 minutes. The drone gets its power from a big 2800 mAh battery which allows the extremely long flight time 

The flight on this drone is amazingly steady due to the GPS with altitude hold feature. This helps beginner flyers like me. You can also use the GPS to create custom flight paths allowing you to capture the exact shot you want. My favorite thing about the HS700 is the GPS system that can locate the flight position in real time. Another benefit of the GPS is that the HS700 can follow the pilot automatically. The GPS can also achieve the function of realizing custom trajectory flying.

The HS700 Ophelia is equipped with brush-less motor and is a very lightweight. Compared to traditional drone motors, the brush-less motor has lower noise and stronger power. As a result of this setup, the drone is capable of hitting a maximum speed of 25 km/h upwind.

The HS700 also has One Key Return to Home. I always worry about losing my drone so this feature gives great peace of mind. The return to home feature works pretty well. 

The Holy Stone HS700 Ophelia drone also has a high-definition wide-angle 1080P FHD camera capable of shooting extremely high resolution shots. It also has FPV function with the figure distance of 400 meters based on 5G WiFi transmission technology. 

The only real drawbacks I have found with this drone is that there is no on/off switch.  In order to turn the drone off you have to remove the battery. Also, there is no way to adjust the camera during flight.  You have to adjust everything prior to takeoff. This is a pretty big drawback to this drone.

It is nice that every drone Holy Stone sells comes with a fireproof bag in case the battery explodes.  I also give them 5 stars on their customer service. They know how to take care of their customer.

I really enjoy this drone, and think it is well worth the purchase.