The new app Drone Nation is a Social Networking app for FPV and Photography Drone Flyers and Racers.

Review of:  Drone Nation App

Type:  Social Networking Application



Well thought out and easy to use app.



Navigation is very intuative.



Runs smooth and quick. Is updated regularly.



Free app with no in app purchases.

Summary: Social Networking Drone App  Drone Nation allows new pilots to find someone to Learn from, or to Fly with, while it gives experienced pilots a chance to pass on what they’ve learned. They’ve included all sorts of cool tools to make it easier and more fun to fly with friends, including proximity alerts, interactive maps, sections devoted to sharing your favorite videos, and a versatile video frequency management section. They gamify the process to make it fun, You’ll receive Props when you help a member by teaching them about our hobby. You can track your progress helping others on our Standings page.

The Drone Nation app is a social networking app for the drone enthusiast.

The app can be used on iOS and Android devices. Drone Nation has devoted a great deal of time to assure that the app runs properly. The app is also updated regularly.

When you first open the app there are step by step instructions explaining how to add the drones you own to your profile.  More drones will be added to the list soon. 

A great feature of the app is that it allows new pilots to find someone to learn from or to fly with. In the same respect the app gives experienced pilots a chance to pass on what they’ve learned to others. That is only one of the reasons people should really use this app.

When I first opened the app I thought I was going to be overwhelmed. That was totally not the case. The app is really easy to use.

The folks over at Drone Nation made sure they thought of the drone pilots first when they made this app. The app started real simple and walked me through the setup feature by feature, button by button. In minutes I was up and running…

I love the Drone Nation App!!!

Personally what I love about this app is that I can find new pilots to fly with.  In the beginning it was very hard for me to find pilots to fly with in my area. Then one day this app popped up on my Instagram feed.  I gave it a chance and now I have too many people to fly with!! LOL

I reached out to the person behind the app to find out how the app came about…

“When I started flying, it took 4 months before I found the first pilots in my area to learn from.

Up until then, I only had videos and forums to learn what gear to get, how to fly, how to repair and eventually how to build. Drones have a steep learning curve, and it was really hard to do this from the internet alone.

After I met other pilots, they not only became good friends, but everything was so much easier to learn since they had already done it. I still think videos and forums are valuable, but they work much better when combined with real people.

Then I thought of all the guys that probably gave up frustrated before they ever met any local pilots to learn from.

I developed the app to crowd-source our community so new pilots can quickly find experienced local pilots to learn from, and are therefore more likely to stay with the sport, and find out just how cool it is to fly.

I really enjoy this app and I know you would too.

Do you use Drone Nation or have another app to recommend? Or any other helpfull tools for your fellow drone flyers? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.