drone nation app hospital guy showing child controllerDrone Nation App hospital visit gives back to kids and families in need. A while back we reviewed the mobile app-based social media network called “Drone Nation”. A social networking app for drone enthusiasts. You can read that review here.

Drone Nation is the passion project of drone enthusiast Jason Finder.

We are big fans of the app here at APVDrone, as it helped us to meet other drone pilots and made meeting new people in the drone community easy. 

Drone Nation App Hospital Visit

In this post we are covering a trip Jason Finder and the Drone Nation team took to a children’s hospital to let the kids there have some hands-on experience with drones. 

Drone Nation is all about community, and its team exemplified that by bringing the excitement of drones to patients at the children’s hospital. 

The team at Drone Nation brought drones, FPV, and even set up an obstacle course. The obstacle course consisted of cones and hoops for the kids to navigate. The kids were taught about drones and got to fly different types of drones. 

drone nation app hospital girl boy fpv gogglesSome were even wearing FPV drone goggles while doing so. The look of pure joy on the children’s faces was unmistakable. 

One girl took to FPV drone flight incredibly quickly, navigating a course without missing a gate, a challenge for even a seasoned pilot.

What Jason Finder and his team at Drone Nation did that day represents the best of the droning community. 

They not only brought drones to the hospital, but also a day of excitement and fun as well. They gave kids and their parents the chance to take their minds off of their troubles for a while and gave them a chance, if only for a day, to just be kids.

So What has Drone Nation been up too after the hospital visit?

I got a chance to talk to Jason Finder recently. This is what he had to say:

We are adding the ability to tag another member in a post or comment using “@.”

We are also adding the ability to embed videos into posts. Many members want to share videos from other apps like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Currently, this results in a blue hyperlink within their post which has to be tapped to open. With embedded video you will now see a thumbnail image of the video on your timeline with a heading below it. So now you’ll know what the video is about before you tap to play it. It also looks much better than a bunch of floating blue links when scrolling. 

Also, we will be launching in several new markets over the next few months!

The Update Is Coming Soon!!!