Hello Everyone, So last weekend I decide to take out the GoPro Karma since we finally had some nice weather.  We definitly took advantage of the day!

After breakfast we drove to Lake Michigan in the southern Wisconsin area. It was pretty windy by the beach but we got some shots and flight time.

My wife of course canʼt hang! It started to get pretty cold on the beach so I brought the Karma back and packed up. I lost a clip to my GoPro which you need off when putting my GoPro hero 6 into karma gimbal (did someone say Amazon!)

A lot people say, “Nick, why are you still using the GoPro Karma?” To be honest, I own DJI and HolyStone drones also. Iʼm a huge fan of GoPro action cameras because they take great pictures and videos. Now I can put my GoPro in the air.

After flying on the beach and taking a few clips we decided to go home. The wife said it is too cold and windy. Once we drove back to Illinois it was warm again.  This weather is crazy!

But all in all a fun day! I really enjoy getting out and flying. Wish it would get warm and stay that way!

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Do you hate flying in the cold? Let me know your thoughts in the comments down below.